St Cloud Issue with Template


Scope: due to the system programming of the St Cloud site, InfoPro has setup modified Templates to ensure users are able to continue working.


There are two possible Scenerios:


1) Macro Security.  Ensure that the Security for the MACRO in the MS Word Application is set to Medium  (Recommended by InfoPro) or Low














Set the Security to Medium (this will prompt the user and is recommended by InfoPro)



2) If you have a keyboard that supports extended function keys, make sure that this feature is not activated by locating the F-Lock or F-Mode key on your keyboard and press one time.


3) If neither of these works, you can run the MACRO Manually.

            a) Tools

            b) Macros

            c) Choose the “Select Provider”

            d) “Run”


After the following changes, go back to the St. Cloud template and press the F10 key to see if the macro is now functioning.