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Frequent Asked Questions

Effective 3/16/2009 Please note that if you are recieving a Message that the Server is not accessible, Please ensure you have the current version of MT Station Pro. If MT Station Pro does not have the version number on the Login Screen (Click Here for Picture) you will need to upgrade to continue working. Please contact techsupport for more information. MT Station Pro - Release Notes

User Messages
Someone is Logged on with my account
My Line Count is not showing up
I'm Having Runtime Errors
Internet Typist is Already Running
Audio Bar Disappeared While Typing
Foot Pedal is not Working Correctly
My System is "Frozen" and won't do anything
MT Station Pro - Release Notes
Instructions Here For Windscribe Template and Scripts Download

Job Errors
Job will Not Upload
Job Is Not Showing up in Work Done
Job Sent to the Wrong QA Level

Template Issues
Templates Downloading Delay
Incorrect Template (Change the Templates Manually)
St Cloud Template with the F10 Key Is Not working
The Document will not Save

MT Pro 2 (Windows Vista and 7)
Microsoft Windows Vista and Seven
Foot Pedeal Problem - MT Pro 2 (Web Page)
Foot Pedeal Problem - MT Pro 2 (Doc Download)

System Misc Messages
I have a Job in the Que, can I shut down my system?
Protecting Your Computer
Microsoft Best Practices

If you do not see an answer here, you can submit a request via Tech Request