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MT Station Pro - Release 1.7 (XP) and 3.0.1 (Vista)

Due to security restrictions, America’s Pride will be requiring all Windows XP Users’ to upgrade to MT Station Pro 1.7 on Windows XP. Below is a comparison between earlier versions and the new Version: Login Screen There is a disclaimer for the Software use when you login to the New Version.

File Delete: In the past, there was a switch on the Options screen to select when documents would be removed from the user’s system. This has been changed and the delete process is now automated.

When a user shuts down MT Station Pro, all sensitive files will be removed from the user’s system. This is done via a “cleansing” process on the file system. This will include all files in your Drafts folder and the Completed folder.

Impact of the Delete System: If you do not allow the system enough time to upload the File, and you close the MT Station Pro Application, then the files will be removed. Best practice would be to “wait 10 min” after you process your final report to close down. Especially if it’s a long one.

Saving of Files: Due to the Sensitive nature of the files that user’s work with, it is prohibited to copy or move documents with Patient Health Information (PHI) from the source Folders (Drafts and Completed) that are on the system without prior authorization.

What if my computer Froze while I was working?
If your computer system “freezes”, there is a chance that you may have a Virus Infection or Spyware. Immediately run your virus Scanner to detect and remove. Sometimes, you may need to run another scan to ensure that the system was cleaned. You can find an on-line scanner on the page.

My Internet Connection just dropped, what now?

Leave your system up, especially MT Station Pro. If the power is about to drop, you may have to move the documents to another location. Contact America’s Pride to obtain authorization.

Our power went out and the system just “died”, what happens to the documents?

The software will only remove documents when it shuts down appropriately. However, it is recommended to install an Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) to ensure your system can be shut down after a power outage. You can find UPS by going to a local Office or Electronics store.

If you have other questions in regards to the changes, send an email to InfoPro TechSupport