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Job will not Upload or Not Showing Up as Completed

Problem: Receiving the message that Jobs cannot be uploaded or not showing up in completed jobs.

  1. If the Job is showing in your cue but not work done:

    1) There could be a communication slowdown between your system and the InfoPro Main Systems. This is caused by problems with either the Internet Service Provider (where you get your internet connection from) or a problem within the Internet Communication System. Please be patient for the system to "transfer".

    2) The job is "Stuck" in Drafts
    You can verify this by going to:
    - My Computer
    - Look in the "C:" Drive
    - Winscribe Folder
    - Users
    - Your ID
    - Drafts

    The job file should be in this folder, it would be labled jobnumber.rtf or 555.rtf (555 for the job number)

    Move the File from the Drafts folder to the Completed Folder. The completed folder is located under

    3) The system is still uploading the document and when you closed MT Station Pro, the document was "deleted". If this occurs, the document will have to be redone so a better solution would be to log out of Internet Typist and log back into the same facility. This should reset the connection between InfoPro Group and your system. If that does not work, contact InfoPro Group (see Point 4).

    4) If, after a while, the job is still not showing up, send an email to InfoPro TechSupport