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My System is Frozen and/or Stuck

Problem: I was in the middle of proofing a report when Winscribe seemed to freeze up. I could not activate any of the controls, rewind, fast forward, or play any of the dictation. I proofed it, saved it, and tried to send it in by checking the check box, but I keep getting this message: "This action cannot be completed because the other application is busy. Choose "Switch To" to activate the busy application and correct the problem." There are three buttons at the bottom, "Switch To...", "Retry" and "Cancel" but the Cancel button is grayed out. How do I get past this?

Resolution: This occurs due to the user's system running out of memory and the program is needing memory to complete the process. There are several ways you can "attack" this issue.

1. Wait for the system to stop processing, this can take from 1 -20 minutes.
2. Reboot your system.

The issue with the second step is the possible loss of data on any report that you are working on. If neither of these solutions work send an email InfoPro TechSupport