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Frequent Asked Questions

Problem: Receiving the error message that "Somebody is already logged in with that ID"
Resolution: Send an email to
InfoPro TechSupport in order to get "unlocked".

Problem: Receiving the message that Jobs cannot be uploaded.
Resolution: Ensure that the document in question is in the completed folder located at C:\Winscribe\Users\<your userid>\Completed and that the document is not blank. Once Completed, send an email
InfoPro TechSupport

Problem: Sent the job to the wrong QA level.
Resolution: Send an email to
InfoPro TechSupport

Problem: I have an incorrect line count or my line count is showing up as a negative. Please make sure there is sufficient time between the job completion and the issue as it usually takes between 15-30 Min to complete the processing of the issue
Resolution: Send an email to
InfoPro TechSupport

Problem: I am connected to the internet but getting connection errors or runtime errors when trying to transcribe a report.
Resolution: Disable or turn off all Firewalls and Virus programs, log out of MT Station Pro and Internet Typist. Log back on and try report again. If you are able to listen to the audio and send the file to InfoPro, You need to make an exception in you firewall/virus rules to allow our software through. Here is a
Link from Microsoft to verify the Firewall is on and set Exceptions.

Problem: When I Log on, the system says "The templates are downloading" and it does this on each site I "click" into.
Resolution: The templates are used to "Structure" what the Author or the Facility requires. Templates are required on most if not all sites. When you first login to a site, the MT Station Pro program will verify with InfoPro that the correct Templates are on your system. If the templates are not on your system, the program will copy them down. If it verifies that you have a different version, it will update the version automatically. Please note, if you are loggin in the first time to a site, it may take a few minutes to download the correct templates, please be patient.

Problem:Error states that the Internet Typist is already running.
Resolution:This can be attributed to two issues, see The Template issue above or the system is hung. If you have already logged in and received all the templates then you will need to reboot your computer as the system has a process "hung".
   Start-> Shutdown-> Restart

Problem:Foot Pedal is not working correctly, or Audio Bar Problems. InfoPro Foot Pedal Setup
Resolution:This can be attributed to the USB Foot Pedal. Going to Tools, Hardware, and click on the Foot Pedal tab and use the following mappings:
   Going to Tools, Hardware, and click on the Foot Pedal tab and use the following mappings:

  1. Button 1 function: Forward
  2. Button 2 Function: Play
  3. Button 3 Function: Rewind
  4. Button 4 Function: Leave as None

If you do not find an answer here, please send an email to InfoPro TechSupport

Microsoft Vista: Due to the continual issues with Vista©, InfoPro Does not encourage the use of the Microsoft©  Vista OS, in response to the need for users to acquire a current Windows XP© system, InfoPro is working with CDW to meet the need for a current system with Windows XP. Click Here for the flyer.