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InfoPro’s transcription processes are designed to ensure the integrity, security, and authenticity of all transmitted documents. This results in completely secure and confidential delivery of patient record information, in full compliance with all privacy regulations; including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

We take our responsibilities to maintain the security of all protected health information (PHI) seriously, and we have taken all necessary steps to comply with the HIPAA provisions. We have created policies and practices to ensure that our use and disclosure of PHI is the minimum necessary to deliver our services and meet our clients’ needs. Specifically, InfoPro’s practices and policies ensure that we meet certain security standards, create an audit trail for PHI, and perform certain administrative functions mandated by HIPAA.

  1. Security Standards
    Firewalls have been established to meet our security obligations to maintain the integrity of each client’s data. 3DES encryption is used to maintain the confidentiality of PHI. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are used to deliver all PHI and redundant systems have been established to prevent the loss of PHI. InfoPro’s data facility is a completely secure environment accomplished through the use of keycard systems and a highly restricted password protection process.

  2. Audit Trails
    Our digital dictation platform and proprietary data flow processing software, DocuTrackPro, are configured to ensure that we maintain a record of each individual who has accessed PHI. With this software, the receipt, delivery, and archive of all PHI is tracked and recorded.

  3. Administrative Functions
    A training program has been created for our staff to ensure that they understand their responsibilities under HIPAA and a signed statement is maintained for each employee to certify that they have received this training. All employees are required to execute a confidentiality agreement upon commencement of their employment with InfoPro. Policies have been implemented concerning access authorization for PHI and PHI security standards. Privacy officers have been appointed to monitor compliance and respond to questions.

We realize that record security requires constant attention. Therefore, we will make all reasonable efforts to remain knowledgeable of all privacy requirements mandated by both State and Federal Governments, allowing us to act as a responsible business associate.